Live-Action Gundam Movie Coming to Netflix from Kong: Skull Island Director

From giant apes to giant mechs. We can see a trend with this guy...

Earlier this week, Netflix shared some pretty radical news. Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) is taking on a live-action Gundam film.

While we don’t have more details on the subject, if you think about it, he is kind of perfect for the project. If you are going to take a great ape the size of a skyscraper to beat the ever-loving-sh*t out of other monsters, the next logical move is to have giant mechs do the same thing.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts doesn’t have a lengthy resume, with Skull Island being his first major theatrical film, but he is also being tapped for not only a Gundam flick but also Metal Gear Solid. Of course, videogame films are a whole other challenge for filmmakers so we won’t hold our breath for that one. But for Gundam? We are totally down!

No other details have been shared on casting or release dates.

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