Miyamoto Talks New Nintendo Hardware and Mario Movie


[dropcap size=small]N[/dropcap]intendo exec Shigeru Miyamoto recently talked to Alternative Press about Nintendo’s active plans to put out new hardware systems beyond the Wii U. It is common for companies to begin working on next-gen consoles soon after the release of their current-gen consoles, but it is very unusual for execs to openly discuss plans for new systems while also selling a fairly new console. While they are working on development for the next console, Miyamoto made it clear that Nintendo’s top priority is to “create a robust software lineup for the Wii U” in 2015.

In the same discussion, the idea of Nintendo and Sony teaming up for a Super Mario movie was brought to Miyamoto’s attention. He admitted to the talks happening, since details about the movie were leaked after the Sony hack, but he also told AP that over the years, companies, writers, and studios are constantly pitching ideas about a Mario movie to Nintendo. Most of these would-be collaborators don’t even get in Nintendo’s doors to pitch their idea, but occasionally ideas move forward a few stages before stalling out. Miyamoto claims this was the case related to the Mario movie details leaked in the hack. Personally I think 1970’s Tom Selleck would make a fantastic Mario… tell us in the comments who you think would be a good fit for a potential live action Super Mario Movie.

Its-a me! Mario!



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