Lucasfilm Games Announces Partnership with Ubisoft

A Division-style Star Wars game would be pretty cool.



Lucasfilm Games has announced they are planning an open-world Star Wars game to be developed by Ubisoft as a partnership between the two companies. This will be the first time a company other than EA has produced a game since Disney entered into a partnership with the worst company in video game history (EA)

Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment will be developing the untitled game and the announcement is so fresh that Massive Entertainment is still recruiting for the project. What we do know is Julian Gerighty, the director for The Crew and The Division 2, will serve as creative director. The game will also use the Snowdrop engine which is the same engine used in the Division games.

Other than that, there are no further details. Stay tuned!

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In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move.

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