‘Lumen’ a 2D Nonlinear Action Game About a Journey Home to the Underworld

As Lumen, the Soul Warden, you will face unprecedented dangers in order to get back home.

As an “immortal denizen of the Underworld”, Lumen has his work cut out for him as he fights his way back home after being trapped in the realm of mortals. He will need to explore, adventure, and battle his way through all sorts of demonic creatures if he is ever to make it back.

There is a discord, a Reddit, and various social media, and an official website, but for some reason, they are not clearly advertising which platforms the game will be launched. However, I managed to find that the game will launch on Steam and possibly Nintendo Switch among the Press Kit documentation.

The dev team behind Lumen, Buttery Games, is comprised of less than a half of a dozen key individuals (not including collaborators), so don’t expect the game to come out any time soon. Despite their small team, they have large ambitions, but even with that, there will be at least a couple of years before the game debuts on PC.

About LUMEN: Lost Passages:

  • LUMEN: Lost Passages is a brand new 2D Metroidvania adventure created with beautiful hand-drawn art. Drawing primarily from Greek and Christian mythologies, LUMEN combines new ideas with familiar mythos to keep players entertained.
  • Founded: January 2018
  • Release Date: TBD, likely 2022 (whenever it’s ready!)
  • Platforms: Steam PC, Nintendo Switch if possible
  • Website: butterygames.com
  • Price: $17.99
  • Availability: Digital
  • Languages: English, localization details to come (likely French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese)

Game Synopsis: 

Lumen, the Soul Warden, member of the 12 Apostles of Hades is a young demigod tasked with ensuring mortal souls find their way from the Interworld (mortal realm) to the Underworld.

One fateful day these souls stop flowing and as expected Lumen travels to investigate. Upon arrival he is ambushed by the Council, a group of Underworld monsters with a nefarious goal – break the Infinite Cycle of life and death and return the universe to its primordial chaotic state.

Taken by surprise, Lumen is stripped of all his powers and sent to the Interworld to die. Fortunately, Lumen is far too tough for that and it is now up to the player to relight the 7 Flame Passages, get Lumen back home to the Underworld, and reinstate the Infinite Cycle before the universe perishes!

You can read more about Lumen on their official blog here.



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