Hyperkin Wants To Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Game Boy


*Insert obligatory Shut-Up-And-Take-My-Money Fry meme*

[dropcap size=small]V[/dropcap]ideo game accessory maker (if that’s what you want to call them) Hyperkin has announced plans to release a device that will make Game Boy/Color games playable on your smart phone. This is the future, my friends, and I shall be your tour guide.




What was intended to be an April Fools’ Day joke, and my wet dream, is becoming a reality. Hyperkin says they “leaked” the Smart Boy as a means of testing the waters. With zero intention to create the product, they received massive positive feedback and have announced plans to pursue the Hyperkin Smart Boy. How does it work, you ask? Hold onto your undies, kids, you gon’ learn today.

The Smart Boy, as of now, is confirmed to only support the iPhone 6 Plus. You’ll be able to plug your iPhone into the Super Boy, and a Game Boy/Color cartridge into the Super Boy. The adapter has a standard set of Game Boy buttons and the phone will act as a screen. Nothing as far as a release date but all I can say, for now, is WANT.



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