Hogwarts Legacy Cut Content Discovered: House Points and Morality Systems, Possible Romance

A variety of complex systems has been found in the Hogwarts Legacy game files.



Hogwarts Legacy has been a smash hit worldwide for Harry Potter fans on PC and console (except for Nintendo Switch players who have to wait until November 2023), with millions of copies sold and billions of dollars made, so it’s no surprise that talks of a sequel and possibly even DLC are being thrown around left and right. And while the game was a total banger, a handful of missing features that fans were surprised to see absent from the base game almost all entirely appear to have been worked on at one point, according to recent data-mined findings.

According to PC Gamer, a dataminer by the name of GrandTheftDiamonds has discovered that both a Morality system, which judges the player’s actions as positive/good or negative/bad, and a House Point system, which rewards the player’s House based on their actions, were both in the works but presumably abandoned for some unknown reason. According to GrandTheftDiamonds, there was even some evidence that a possible romance was considered. Take a look:

At the time of the game’s release, fans were disappointed to find that while broom-flying was a thing, Quidditch was not included, despite the Quidditch Pitch and uniforms found in the game. The characters of Hogwarts Legacy addressed this by having an in-game story reason to explain the absence of Quidditch (a player was injured a year earlier so Quidditch was canceled this year), much to the dismay of everyone looking forward to it.

And, even though there was plenty of evidence in the game that Quidditch was in development and seemingly abandoned for presumably not being in an acceptable state at Hogwarts Legacy’s launch, dataminers quickly found further evidence in the game files that Quidditch was far enough along that many presumed it would come as DLC. Though this does not seem likely at this point.

With the above said, it’s a shame these features were axed as a Morality system that pushes the player witch or wizard to the dark or light side would have been excellent and felt strangely absent from the game up until the very end. The lack of House points was also an odd choice considering this is a major theme throughout the academic school year and even had a presence at the end of the game, seemingly pointing to the likelihood that the system was in development and never finished.

Some players also pointed out that many of the relationships between the player character and other students definitely felt like they were leaning toward the possibility of romance but that never transpired. Just like Quidditch, the Moralty and House Points systems would have been an incredibly welcomed addition to the game and it felt really odd not to have them.

Still, Hogwarts Legacy made more than a billion dollars and shattered many gaming pre-order and sales records leading Warner Bros. Discovery to consider rebooting the Harry Potter film franchise into a television series for HBO. On top of that, Warner Bros. Discovery leadership has made claims that they see plenty of value in Hogwarts Legacy becoming an ongoing gaming franchise, meaning a sequel is pretty much guaranteed to be in the early stages of development at this point.

While no sequel or DLC has been confirmed by developer Avalanche Games or publisher Warner Bros. Games under its Portkey Games label, we have absolutely zero doubt that talks are already underway about what is next for the franchise. And since the framework is already solidly built, we expect to see many more requested features, especially what was found in the game files, to make it to future installments. We just hope we don’t have to wait 10+ years to play it.

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