Hogwarts Legacy’s Coolest Wand Handles and Where to Find Them

These are a few of our favorite wands as well as where you can find them around the wizarding world.



Hogwarts Legacy has been out for about a month or so now and has been met with overwhelming critical acclaim in terms of its broad scope and how accurately it brings the charming wizarding world to life. But now that players have had some time with the game, many are wanting to make their wizards and witches truly their own with unique cosmetics and builds. And it is for that reason that we have selected what we truly believe to be the coolest-looking wand handles to accompany you on your journey.

First, it is important to note that obviously, this is all purely subjective. You may find yourself disgusted by the list we have chosen and we may find your taste in wand handles to be worthy of a one-way trip straight to Azkaban. That said, let’s dive into our list along with an accompanied sub-section for each that tells you how or where to find them.

Arrow – Brown

Arrow – Brown | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“An expertly carved wooden handle with a cutting point at its base.”

The Arrow wand handles come in a few different colors, each with a sleek and simple yet elegant design. And depending on what color wood your wand ended up being when you picked it up from Olivander’s, you may find brown or black to be quite suitable for your appearance. Of all the Arrow wand handles we liked, the Arrow – Brown is our top favorite among the others due to its simplicity and ability to go with any wand you may have ended up with. That said, brown and black usually don’t mix from a purely superficial fashion point of view. Regardless, you can make the exception if you would like. We won’t judge.

Where to Find it

The Arrow – Brown handle might be trickier to find as it has not been confirmed to be in one specific location but user reports state that this handle can be located at random in chests that reward items in the wand handles loot pool. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything specific to say about its location beyond that so you’ll have to hunt for it if you want it.

Arrow – Black

Arrow – Black | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“A black and golden handle with a commanding point at its base.”

The Black Arrow wand handle in particular sends a very different message when compared to its brown variant. While the Arrow – Brown wand handle commands recognition for its elegance, the Arrow – Black has more of a stoic and powerful position to it. The gold lining around it also adds to this significantly.

Where to Find It

Unlike Arrow – Brown, you can actually find Arrow – Black in Upper Hogsfield as a quest reward for completing Brother’s Keeper. This side quest begins with Dorothy Sprottle so go check in with her to get the quest started.

Arrow – Pink Swirl

Arrow – Pink Swirl | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“A moulded pink and gold swirled handle with a fashionable point at its base.”

The Pink Swirl Arrow wand handle is unique among its brethren as it has a more artsy and stand-out feel to it. While Brown retains a strong position of elegance and Black stands firmly planted, Pink Swirl presents itself with more of a playful and artistic presence. Those who wish to be seen as well as heard would do well with the Arrow in its fashionable Pink Swirl style.

Where to Find It

Once again you are at the mercy of RNG on this one. Much like the Arrow – Brown, Pink Swirl will be found at random in chests that reward players with items from the wand handles loot pool.

Regal – Black

Regal – Black | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“An enchanting, regal handle in shades of black and alabaster.”

More like a Lightsaber in design, Regal – Black is one of the more unique designs on our list. Lacking in curvature or any bells and whistles, the Regal line of wand handles are, for a lack of a better term, rad. Whipping this around at your foes while shouting curses their way may perhaps make you feel more like a Sith Lord than a witch or wizard but that is A-OK with us.

Where to Find It

There is no sure way to find Regal – Black, as it too is rewarded at random from chests within the wand handle loot pool. A real shame, too, as we would love to get our hands on this one.

Regal – Blue

Regal – Blue | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“An enchanting, regal handle in shades of gold and aquamarine.”

Regal – Blue has a certain Poseidon, god of the seas, look to it. While its black variant looks like a weapon of the Sith, Regal – Blue leaves a vastly different impression. Not without class and character, this wand handle is one you still may want to add to your collection.

Where to Find It

This list is certainly full of bad news, at least in terms of telling you over and over again that there is no sure way to obtain the wand handle(s) of your dreams. Sure enough, like so many others, Regal – Blue is among those that can be found in chests among the loot pool containing wand handles. Pray that RNG blesses you if you want this one in your hands.

Regal – Pink

Regal – Pink | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“An enchanting, regal handle in shades of pink and cream.”

Regal – Pink is one of the more unique wands on this list as it was added among the last few. We had no idea this was a thing until we stumbled upon it on the Hogwarts Legacy Wiki page during our research of wands. That said, there is no line of wands more befitting the title ‘Regal’ than Regal – Pink.

Where to Find It

As with many other wands on this list, you won’t find a guaranteed spot for it as it seems nearly all the more sought-after designs are world drops, this one included. Still, it is definitely worth going after, especially if you are pursuing a more royal look or one of nobility.

Sabre – Brown

Sabre – Brown | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“A sharp, brown handle design featuring a gold sheath.”

There is an obvious reason this handle got its name, considering its uncanny resemblance to a sword. The Sabre line of wand handles is probably our favorite, especially since each color has a unique and distinct design pattern that makes it easily stand out among other handles of its caliber.

Where to Find It

Brace yourselves for more disappointment. This wand handle, along with its brethren are all only available through RNG in chests that reward wand handles. This begs the question- if you open all the chests in the game, are you sure to get every wand handle rewarded through RNG? Better hope there’s some bad luck protection.

Sabre – Grey

Sabre – Grey | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“A sharp, grey handle design featuring a bronze sheath.”

The Sabre wand handles are some of the coolest, if not best-looking handles available. What makes them even more unique is that each Sabre handle is different in its design from color to color. To be clear, it’s not just a pallet change between them but an entirely different pattern. Among the three Sabre’s on this list, we have a hard time choosing which one we like most. So naturally, we opted to go after them all.

Where to Find It

Grab your rabbit’s foot and grip that four-leaf clover tightly. You are going to need a lot of luck and a blessing from the RNG deities if you want to get this wand handle.

Sabre – Ash Brown

Sabre – Ash Brown | Hogwarts Legacy Wiki

“A sharp, pale brown handle design featuring a metallic sheath.”

Like the other Sabre handles, Sabre – Ash Brown is awesome. While Sabre – Brown looks more like wood and Sabre – Grey looks metallic, Ash Brown looks to be carved from the bone of a mystical beast. The family of Sabre handles lend themselves well to whatever design of wand you took with you from Olivander’s so you definitely can’t go wrong with any of them.

Where to Find It

As is the case with the other Sabre wand handles on this list, you will just have to get lucky in world chests. I know, we feel your pain. How much worship of RNG do you think we will need to receive its blessing?


There are so many great cosmetics in Hogwarts Legacy, whether it be clothing items or wand handles. Still, there are plenty of cosmetic items out there to choose from, especially these awesome wand accessories. So, if you do not like any you have seen on this list for whatever reason, fret not. There are many more out there for you to chase after.

Still, we stand by this list firmly as it contains the most unique and interesting wands we have come across so far. And we still have a long way to go before we 100% the game which means there could be something else out there that tops our list. Guess we will just have to keep looking and hope luck is on our side.

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