First Glimpse of David Corenswet’s Superman Suit Unveiled in James Gunn’s ‘Superman’

Corenswet debuts in James Gunn's Superman, releasing July 11, 2025, with a unique new look.



Early Monday afternoon, audiences were given their first peek at David Corenswet donning the Superman suit for James Gunn’s much-anticipated Superman (changed from “Superman Legacy”). This unveiling marks a significant moment for the upcoming movie.

The image presents a curious scene where Superman is seen sitting down and putting on his boots, while a massive death orb looms over Metropolis in the backdrop. Observers noted that the suit appears somewhat loose-fitting on Corenswet, though this could be due to the particular pose rather than an accurate representation of the fit. Corenswet’s physical training has prepared him to adequately fill the suit, but the different style may be a unique choice in costume design. The ensemble also includes a complex pattern of lines threaded throughout, which contrasts with previous Superman suits.

James Gunn’s vision for ‘Superman Legacy’ is already shaping up to be a fresh perspective on the beloved hero, not just visually but in its expanded cast. Alongside iconic characters such as Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, the film will introduce additional heroes such as Hawkgirl, Mr. Terrific, Engineer, and Metamorpho. Notably, the movie will not follow the traditional origin story route, reflecting Gunn’s aim to explore uncharted territory.

This film will be the inaugural chapter of Gunn’s DC Universe, incorporating elements from the previous DCEU era, including characters like Peacemaker, Amanda Waller, and Blue Beetle.

Superman is set to hit theaters on July 11, 2025, just over a year from now, and is currently in production.

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