Hercules Gets Beat By a Girl at the Box Office 7/25-7/27



Luc Besson has a tendency to make movies with strong female lead characters, and it usually pays off for him. His latest film Lucy appears to be no different. Though it may be receiving mixed reviews from critics, it’s definitely not having any problems making money at the box office. From the looks of it, Scarlett Johansson’s title character managed to kick $44m worth of ass, sending her to number one this weekend.

Hercules comes in at number two this weekend with a somewhat disappointing $29m opening. Reviews from critics are generally positive for the Brett Ratner film, so maybe Dwayne Johnson’s rendition of the popular character just needs some word of mouth to get people out to the theaters.

Still managing to stay in the top three is Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The Matt Reeves directed post-apocalyptic film about smart apes continues to make a fortune in the box office. This weekend it added another $16m to its $172m domestic and $354m worldwide gross. Wow.

After two weeks in the theater The Purge: Anarchy is going strong. This weekend the film managed to make back its production budget and brought in $9m.

Kids must still be doing a great job at begging their parents to go see Planes: Fire & Rescue because it rounded out the top five this weekend with earnings of $9m, but that might not be enoughOn an estimated production budget of $50m the film has only managed to gross $35m domestic. Even counting the foreign earnings of $21m I still think it’s safe to call this one a flop.


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