‘Halo 5: Guardians’ Labeled “Jaw-Dropping” by Xbox Exec


Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg recently appeared on The Inner Circle podcast and stated that Halo 5: Guardians was “jaw-dropping” and a game that developer 343 Studios has “dreamed of making.”

[dropcap size=small]G[/dropcap]reenberg teased the game’s potential, notably the dynamic between a couple of the game’s major characters:

Halo 5 is gonna be huge, one of the biggest entertainment releases of the year if we do our job right. And I think what we’ve got with Master Chief and Locke, it’s just kind of a marketer’s dream.

So in case there wasn’t enough buzz surrounding the game, that has certainly been heightened quite a bit at this point.

Mike Colter, who was recently cast as Luke Cage in Marvel’s Netflix series A.K.A. Jessica Jones, also played the Spartan known as Locke in the Ridley Scott-produced live-action Halo: Nightfall series. The actor teased that the character will play a large role in Guardians, and he will be a player-controlled character for portions of the game.


Mike Colter as Locke in Halo: Nightfall

Greenberg continued to sing 343’s praises and tout that the game is pushing the envelope in regards to the platform’s potential:

The game is super innovative and this is really a title I think 343 has dreamed of making. And they’re innovating in ways that…our jaws are dropping. We want to be able to step up and deliver the type of quality products and marketing to match the quality of the game. And so that’s the challenge on us. But we have no doubt that the product they’re making is going to be pretty amazing.”

Guardians will be available exclusive on Xbox One this fall, and after a three-week beta period, 343 is taking players’ feedback and using it to create a well polished, innovative final product.

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Halo 5: Guardians will be released this fall exclusively for Xbox One.



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    ^This is all I’m hearing from Microsoft right now. How’s about they stop talking so big about everything they do and let the end-users decide? Far too often do they talk themselves up just to deliver a mediocre gaming or user experience. Just give it up already.

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