Ray Fisher Confirmed for Cyborg Cameo in Upcoming ‘Flash’ Movie

Cyborg to make an appearance in the upcoming Flash film installment.

The Flash standalone film installment has began filming in London, and only minor details have been released as to what the movie will have in store. One tidbit that was recently released, was that Cyborg will be making an appearance in the 2018 film. Although the amount of screen time he is set to receive has not been determined, we do know from Variety.com that he will be in the film and that he will be played by non other than Ray Fisher. 

Ray Fisher has played Cyborg before and also made an appearance in the recent film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Cyborg is a half man, half machine good guy. Ezra Miller will of course be playing “The Flash”. The film is supposed to be one of many upcoming DC films aimed at competing with the ever-growing Marvel Studios. 

We can expect The Flash to hit theaters in Spring of 2018.





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