Destiny x The Witcher Collab Introduces Armor Inspired by Geralt of Rivia

Greetings, White Wolf. Time to fork over some Silver.



Earlier this morning, the official Destiny 2 accounts posted their next major collaboration- The Witcher. The collab includes three unique sets of Geralt-themed armor (one for each class), a Ghost Shell, a Ship, a Sparrow, an Emote, and a Finisher. Take a look:

Collaborations between Bungie’s Destiny is relatively new, as of late, but has included a variety of other high-profile franchises including Fortnite, Ghost of Tsushima, God of War, and even a few cosmetics themed around The Last of Us. And while we don’t know the price of these just yet, it is safe to assume they will likely be Silver-only, for around $15-$20 USD or so.

While these ornaments no doubt look rad, Bungie has been struggling with its flagship IP as of late, as Destiny is approaching its lowest player count among all platforms. And despite Lightfall having hit its peak, it has been in a nosedive decline ever since.

Sure, a new season is on the horizon and that will surely bring in a surge of returning players but the question is- for how long? This next season, Season of the Wish, is rumored to be 6-7 months long and possibly longer, depending on how far out The Final Shape is pushed back. Something Bungie is afraid to announce publicly ahead of this upcoming season, no doubt.

Fans have lost faith in Bungie time and again but it has gotten to the point where it is starting to resemble an abusive relationship between a greedy company and a depelting wallet. Selling new stylistic cosmetics that tower over many in-game items earned for free in terms of visual appeal is… a choice, considering the context. But these will likely sell for hotcakes once they hit the EverVerse storefront. But that won’t do much to placate the community or establish much in the way of goodwill. Guess we will just have to see if Bungie has any remaining Aces up their sleeves or if they simply ran out at this point…

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