“Future Me” Soft Vinyl Toy From Alex Pardee/Rocom Toys Launches on Kickstarter

Because your death shouldn't be scary, it should be commemorated as an awesome toy!

Just in time for Halloween comes this beautifully creepy collaboration from the mind of mega-talented artist Alex Pardee and Rocom Toys called FUTURE ME.

The project launched this morning (10/31) at midnight and achieved fully funded status in under 3 hours!


Based on the original “Future Me” sketch by Alex Pardee, this new toy stands 9-inches tall, features a cute smiling tombstone, a realistic skeleton head, a textured mud body complete with creepy-crawly worms, and six points of articulation.

Original sketch by Alex Pardee

The Kickstarter campaign features a standard color version of “Future Me” at an Early Bird pledge of $75 (only 39 left at this price!) and a bunch of variant color versions of the toy like the Noir Edition, the Bone-Color Unpainted Blank Edition, and the Black Unpainted Blank Edition. On top of that, there are countless other options that can be unlocked through a bunch of stretch goals like add-on parts for the toy, bumper stickers, and exclusive enamel pins.

At the time of writing this, the campaign’s $20k stretch goal has already been reached and the Happy Haunt Edition colorway has been unlocked for your pledging pleasure. Now the project just needs to hit it’s $100k stretch goal so that everyone that pledges (mainly me) gets the Last Action Hero Add-On which features an additional bandana adorned head and a rocket launcher toting arm! Come on, doesn’t that sound bad ass!?

One reward, the Hand-Painted 1-Off Edition, has already sold out, so don’t sleep on this one, kids! Head over to Kickstarter right now and show this project your support!

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