Here are Five Indie “Zelda-Like” Games You Should Watch Out For

Every so often you may stumble across an indie game diamond in the rough... Well, we found five.



As fans of RPGs and indie developers, we find that it is our duty to share with you any indie game, specifically RPGs, that we find extraordinary. Below you will find a list of titles we recently came across that fit that category. What you will also find are links to their Steam pages, if they have one, or their Kickstarter pages, if they have one.


Release Date: TBA
Platform: PC

Created by Prague, Czech Republic developer Labyrinth, Aethyr is an Open World 2D Action-Adventure game set in a world ruined by an arcane apocalypse inspired by the golden age of RPGs.

Aethyr is an action-adventure RPG that features unique character customization, fast-paced position-based combat, an extensive skill system, and an expansive world filled with secrets, dungeons, and temples to explore.

Set in a world ruined by an arcane apocalypse as humanity faces its final days; an unforetold hero seeks to uncover the mysteries of the past, delving into forlorn temples built to honor eldritch gods.

There really is a lot more underneath the hood of Aethyr, so be sure to check out and support the official Kickstarter page to see what has us excited for this charming little game.




Release Date: July 20
Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

Reaping souls of the dead and punching a clock might get monotonous but it’s honest work for a Crow. The job gets lively when your assigned soul is stolen and you must track down a desperate thief to a realm untouched by death – where creatures grow far past their expiry and overflow with greed and power.

Talon Sharp Combat: Utilize melee weapons, arrows, and magic to overcome a fantastic array of beasts and demigods. Mistakes are punished and victory is rewarded. Gain an edge by customizing your character stats and mastering the abilities and upgrades you obtain.

A Beautifully Bleak World: Venture beyond the Doors and explore a land full of twisted inhabitants and countless secrets, bringing hope to the weird and wonderful characters you’ll meet along the way.

A Dark Mystery to Unravel: Track down and defeat colossal tyrants with stories and motivations of their own. Experience a somber yet darkly comedic tale, uncovering the truths behind the flow of souls, the role of the Crows, and the origin of the Doors.




Release Date: TBA
Platforms: Switch, PC, macOS

Hazelnut Bastille is a topdown, Zelda-like ARPG, crafted in a 16bit character; it features action-adventure style gameplay. Players will engage with heavily tactical, real-time combat, and experience taxing lateral-thinking puzzles!

Hazelnut Bastille is a topdown, Zelda-like ARPG, crafted in a 16bit character; it features action-adventure style gameplay. Players will engage with heavily tactical, real-time combat, and experience taxing lateral-thinking puzzles! Explore a vast Overworld that is brimming with content, in the form of secrets, collectibles, mini-games, and story elements! A set of unforgiving Dungeons forms the core experience, as the player obtains a series of items that grants them ever-greater control over the world, as well as new powers of traversal, in true Metroidvania fashion!

Players take on the role of a cast-out heroine, setting foot on the shores of a new continent, in the hopes of regaining something which was lost to her! Her fate will be inexplicably intertwined with the sundry crew already living there, as she gets drawn into a baroque plot to unravel the mysteries of this land’s original inhabitants!

You can find the developer landing page here.




Release Date: TBA
Platform: PC

Achieve dreams, build a community and save Moonshell Island from Nomsters in this magical action-RPG combining Zelda-like gameplay and story-driven simulation elements.

When mysterious creatures begin to threaten the peace, you must journey to find the source of the trouble and to recruit islanders to a safe haven, Crabby’s Cabana Club. As the club population grows, more services become available to aid you on your quest to uncover the secrets of Moonshell Island.


  • Make friends and help them fulfill their dreams
  • Distract yourself with fun puzzles, sidequests, and minigames
  • Explore the diverse landscapes of Moonshell Island
  • Fight off ‘nomsters’ and use the loot in delicious recipes
  • Build upgrades for Crabby’s Cabana Club using island resources

Welcome to Moonshell Island. Please mind the sea urchins!




Release Date: TBA
Platforms: PC

Take on the role of Mako on her quest to seek out and subsequently deliver her, uh, deliverables in this top-down view 2D action game. Jump on top of your enemies and slime them with goo to stop them in their tracks! Get those deliverables delivered!

In accordance with a deal made with a self-proclaimed “delivery service” and an all-around mysterious entity known as Bumon, Mako has taken a job working as a lackey at the Bumon Delivery Corporation in “Mayoi” – the world of the gods.
She was told that if she finishes up her assigned tasks and collects the stamps of approval for her various deliveries, then she’ll be able to return to her own world, but…

Get to work finding and collecting the various items requested in Mayoi.
As soon as you’ve gathered the items, bring them to the workbench. Once you’re finished packaging them, deliver them to the client. Rinse, repeat, and keep on going to see just how the story unfolds.

Outrider Mako features a fun little gimmick in which you can jump on top of your enemies and slime them with goo to stop them in their tracks.
Also, the pixel artwork is chock full of Japanese-style goodness.



Most of the games listed above have been in development for quite some time and still do not have a release date- and rightfully so, considering these games are being done by small teams of less than a dozen. That said, we strongly encourage you to support the little guy by adding any of these titles to your wishlist or throwing them a bone on their crowd-sourcing pages. After all, what is a gaming community if not a community of supportive gamers who help others achieve their development goals? Or something like that.

NOTE: most of the descriptions for each of these games were taken directly from their Steam or Kickstarter pages and was not written by a member of the Geek Outpost staff in specific.

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