Ryu and Chun-Li Have Become Power Rangers in Battle for the Grid MMPR/Street Fighter Crossover

Holy crossovers, Batman!



Crossovers are getting all sorts of crazy these days. With Batman and the TMNTs, to Power Rangers and the Justice League, Ghostbusters and TMNTs, the list goes on. Of course, Street Fighter is one franchise that has had a lot of crossovers in fighting games ever since Marvel vs Capcom and other titles hit the scene. However, SFxMMPR was one we did not see coming.

Earlier this week, the IGN YouTube channel revealed the Street Fighter pack for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. In the trailer below, you can see Ryu has become the Crimson Phoenix Ranger and Chun-Li (at the end) has become the Blue Phoenix Ranger.

Can’t say Battle for the Grid is my thing, nor do I know anyone that plays it, despite being an avid MMPR fan myself. That said, these Ranger designs are pretty rad, and while I won’t personally be playing the game, I can definitely see the dozens of fans of it being hyped for this.

The Street Fighter pack comes to Battle for the Grid on 5.25.

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