MCU Confirmed to Take Place on Earth-616 in New Far From Home Clip

Mysterio confirms that he is from Earth-833 while the MCU takes place on Earth-616.

Earlier this week, a clip from Jake Gyllenhaal’s time on the Ellen show shows an extended look at the introduction of Mysterio and Peter Parker. During this clip, which was posted on YouTube and immediately taken down, Mysterio discusses the multiverse and addresses just where he is from.

Turns out, Quentin Beck is from Earth-833 while Peter Parker and the rest of the MCU are on Earth-616.

In the comics, Earth-616 is the primary earth that most of the stories take place on, including The Amazing Spider-Man. Although, it should be noted that Miles Morales, and a large majority of the MCU design take cues from Earth-199999 and the Ultimate Universe, or Earth-1610.

The clip, which as we mentioned is being scrubbed from the internet as we speak, will likely be popping up here and there until it makes its way into an official trailer of some sort. Or maybe not, and you will just have to wait until the film’s release to see it.



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