Dwayne Johnson Confirms Henry Cavill’s Return as Superman in ‘Black Adam’

Dwayne Johnson says "Welcome Home" to Henry Cavill's Superman.



There has been a lot of speculation lately on whether or not the DCEU would see the return of Superman anytime soon, and if Henry Cavill would continue in the role. While there had been no confirmation from any party that Cavill was done as the Man of Steel, everyone assumed that was the case as no news isn’t exactly good news. However, it seems that amidst rumors of returning to the role in the upcoming film The Flash next year, Dwayne Johnson confirmed the news himself that Cavill will return as Superman in the upcoming Black Adam later this month.

During the premiere of Black Adam, Dwayne Johnson was asked by Entertainment Tonight if he would comment on Cavill’s return since “the cat is out of the bag”, so to speak. Johnson appeared flustered by the question as Cavill’s return as Superman was supposed to be a surprise toward the end of the film in an end-credits scene. Johnson flounders around the question while trying to retain his composure without addressing it directly until he eventually just accepts it and says “welcome home”.

The weird part about the leak of Cavill appearing as Superman toward the end of Black Adam allegedly came from Dwayne Johnson’s own ex-wife, Dany Garcia. We aren’t sure how that came about or why but sources online claim the initial leaks came from her before she started sharing the Tweet above from Entertainment Tonight. Yikes, Johnson must be furious. Whether or not Entertainment Tonight got the news from Garcia or another source prior to the interview is unclear.

Interestingly enough, if you check Cavill’s filmography, he is listed as appearing in Black Adam as Superman but as an “uncredited cameo”.

Fans have been hoping that Cavill would return to the role since he last appeared in the Snyder Cut of the Justice League. Since then, Superman has appeared in his likeness in other DCEU projects such as Peacemaker and Shazam! but without Cavill involved. Johnson, who is also clearly a fan, has also been fighting tooth and nail to get Cavill back and has been very vocal in recent years about wanting to see his version of Black Adam take on Cavill’s Superman in a fight. Turns out, that may happen in subsequent movie projects after all.

We last reported on the topic of Henry Cavill allegedly returning to the role of Superman when rumors began to surface that he was involved in extensive reshoots of the upcoming film, The Flash, which comes out next year and stars the controversial Ezra Miller. While we were not able to confirm the news on that front, it definitely seems to be closer to the truth than before, now that Cavill is appearing in Black Adam later this month.

Black Adam had its premiere recently and was met with significant praise, an uncommon accolade for DCEU projects since the shared universe began. With quite a few projects failing to meet financial goals and others being downright despised by critics and fans alike, the DCEU has been struggling to retain its talent lineup. Adding to the fact that there has been one shake-up after another over at Warner Bros. Discovery since the merger, with multiple projects being canceled, it must feel good to have at least one under the belt this year as Black Adam is on the fast track to being a huge hit when it arrives in theaters on October 21st.

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