Despite Ezra Miller’s Multiple Controversies, “All is good in Flash land”, as Movie Remains on Release Schedule

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I have never really been one to spread gossip or write about tabloids or details of controversy or scandal. That’s not why I started Geek Outpost and that is not what I want it to be known for. When it began, I wanted to just write about things that interested me with the hope that you may find those same things relatively interesting while retaining one core value in mind: it’s geek related. However, I find myself in the curious position of being dumfounded by the current state of Warner Bros. Discovery and their disastrous DC Comics Extended Cinematic Universe as they try and figure out their next moves with all these messy film franchises. And perhaps the biggest culprit right now is Ezra Miller.

We reported recently that Warner Bros. and DC’s Batgirl movie got the ugly ax and was canceled for what we can only assume are a bunch of reasons, the most prominent of which is probably that it just flat-out sucked big time and Warner Bros. Discovery just felt like they had to eat their investment rather than continue to pump money into it with little to no returns by comparison. Now, say what you will about that whole thing but in a more recent and even wilder matter at hand, it seems that even though Flash star Ezra Miller has allegedly been child grooming, allegedly kidnapping folks, allegedly assaulting multiple individuals, and allegedly breaking into a home and allegedly robbing other people, The Flash is still moving full-steam ahead for a 2023 release.

According to The Flash producer Barbara Muschietti, there are no plans to scrap 2023’s The Flash in the same way as Batgirl and likely other DCEU projects to come, while Warner Bros. Discovery reconsiders their approach to HBO Max exclusive film content and how they want to build their cinematic universe surrounding the Justice League heroes. Muschietti decided that amidst all these controversies with Miller she would do her best to quell the uproar from fans and concerned parties on social media by stating “all is good in Flash land”, a statement that quickly became a controversy on its own.

Many are concerned not just with the current state of affairs with Miller with those that want to see them face justice not just for their alleged crimes (I am going to keep using that word because I honestly don’t know how the law works or even if it does at this point), but there are those that want to see Warner Bros. Discovery taking the high road by stopping the release of the film entirely.

Now, let me be the first to say that while I understand very little in the legal and or money-making world from their positions, it is easy to see as an ignorant fellow that the choice to shelve The Flash is simply bad for business and there is simply no way they are going to do that, especially considering the near $100m loss the company has to eat after all that wasted time and effort that went into Batgirl.

Of course, casting the likes of Ezra Miller and Amber Heard could have amounted to just bad luck as I presume no company in their right mind would hire people like them if their controversies were already well-known. That said, we all know the cinematic universe overseen by Zack Snyder was almost a complete disaster ever since Dawn of Justice (I rather liked Man of Steel and Aquaman was stupid fun). And while other films like Shazam! started their franchises off properly in a direction fans seemed to enjoy (myself included), other franchises still, such as Wonder Woman, were not so lucky.

Now, with a track record of having only a few halfway decent films so far and a mountain of trash otherwise, Warner Bros. Discovery is seemingly putting it out there that either The Flash is an absolute necessity in aiding the franchise reboot (the film is said to have a plot that wipes out the Synderverse – f*cking el-oh-el), whether that be financially or plotwise, or they simply do not want to pull the film and lose any more money. Regardless of which it actually is, I think we know, it has been circulating for some time now that Warner Bros. Discovery has effectively terminated their relationship with Miller and that they will not be reprising their role going forward as Barry Allen/The Flash. However, pulling next year’s The Flash movie from theaters is just not something that anyone over at Warner Bros. Discovery is willing to do.

So what was the point to this? This article- why write it? Well, I think it is important to recognize the severity of the allegations against Miller, to do what we can as people to create awareness about how serious those allegations are. And of course, that we have to come to a point and accept that we can either revolt as consumers and not watch The Flash when it comes out next year and hope that all of Miller’s alleged victims get justice and that Miller gets the help that they so desperately need.

In any case, you have to accept that the movie is coming out due to possible corporate greed and simply not see it, or learn to separate the art from the artist and accept that this will be the last time we see Ezra Miller in the role as Barry Allen/The Flash and quite possibly the last time they are seen in any film. But who are we kidding? After a few apologies and press tours and a stint in rehab, Miller will likely be back in front of the silver screen in five to ten years or so.

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