Dave Chappelle Brings Back Familiar Characters for TWD Sketch on SNL

HWHAT? O-Kay! 

A modern TV classic and formative comedy series for many of us was Chappelle’s Show. While only 28 episodes, this series shaped popular culture of the early 2000’s through Dave Chappelle’s hilarious mind and memorable characters. 

Chappelle’s Show abruptly ended in 2006, but 10 years later, Chappelle returned to sketch comedy to host SNL last Saturday. 

Perhaps the best sketch of the night was a parody of The Walking Dead featuring Chappelle taking on the role of Negan. The sketch was a reenactment a certain infamous cliffhanger…only with TWD character replaced with some of Chappelle’s most famous characters. 

Check it out below. 

Seeing Tyrone Biggums, the Time Haters, Chuck Taylor,  Lil Jon, and the blind/black white supremacist Clayton Bigsby again was equally hysterical and nostalgic. Most of all, it’s left us wanting more Chappelle. 

Netflix. Make it happen. 



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