‘Across the Spider-Verse’ Gets New Title, takes Place Across 6 Universes- Jessica Drew, 2099, 200+ Characters

The Spider-Verse is growing with a lot of new projects and details that have us more excited than ever.



The highly-anticipated sequel to Into the Spider-Verse has had a busy last few weeks with announcements flying around like mad, especially from CinemaCon this week. Here is everything we know so far about the film, including its recent name change.

Name Change

First, it should be noted that Across the Spider-Verse is going to be divided into two separate films that continue Miles’ story. The first part will retain the Across the Spider-Verse title while the second half, which was previously titled Across the Spider-Verse Part II, will now be titled Beyond the Spider-Verse.

New Release Date

As the world still tries to sort out the aftermath of the Covid Pandemic, movie companies are working diligently to work out the kinks of release dates and whether or not it’s worth pushing things out further or simply tossing them into a streaming service for home viewing. Across the Spider-Verse has been hit with multiple delays and is now expected to release on June 2, 2023, while Part II, Beyond the Spider-Verse, is scheduled to release in 2024 on March 29.

Bigger, Better, More Characters

During CinemaCon in Las Vegas this week, some were privy to never before seen footage of the film in a fifteen-minute clip showing off the impressive animation. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who are the two most responsible for the film’s success (story, screenplay, production, etc), shared that the film(s) will take place in six different universes with more than 200 characters (240 to be exact). The film will see the return of Spider-Gwen and Miguel O’Hara (yes, Oscar Isaac returns to voice Spider-Man 2099) with newcomers Jessica Drew, another separate Spider-Woman, and more. Oh, and of course Miles Morales, among others. No word on whether a mainstream version of Peter Parker will be present.


According to reports, the fifteen minutes of footage shown at CinemaCon of Across the Spider-Verse kicked things off in Gwen Stacy’s universe (Earth-65) with Spider-Gwen facing Vulture before meeting Miguel O’Hara of Spider-Man 2099. Miguel explains that Gwen is responsible for leaving a hole in the Multi-Verse that allows villains passage to various dimensions, including Vulture. Of course, all this was what was gathered in the fifteen-minute clip shown at CinemaCon so expect more to the plot than just this.


We know that Spider-Gwen is coming back after causing some sort of issue(s) within her own universe and requiring Miles’ help, so she will undoubtedly be heavily featured in Across and Beyond. Joining Gwen on the female front, is both Jessica Drew and presumably, Cindy Moon. These three lady Spiders are set to get their own female-led film, currently titled Spider-Women. In addition, John Mulaney, the voice behind Spider-Ham, has expressed interest in a spin-off of his own, though this has not been green-lit yet while Spider-Women has.

Potential Television Series

In addition to the above spin-off details, it was also announced not too long ago that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have signed a multi-year deal with Sony to develop Marvel animated content for Sony Pictures Animation and are looking into expanding the Spider-Verse in such a way. One such concept was looking further into various characters but could not elaborate on whom or which, or the status of such.

There is a lot going on with the Spider-Verse both in animation and within the live-action MCU and fans can’t get enough. It is clear that Sony isn’t slowing down with their brilliant animated film plans but, and let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we have only gotten just the one film so far. It seems brilliant now but will the sequel(s) and spin-off(s) deliver after all this hype? We don’t have long to find out.

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