Here is Your First Look at the new Amazon Series’ Tick, in Full Costume

The new version is a huge improvement from the original costume idea!

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]mazon recently aired the first episode for The Tick remake series, but one thing that really stood out was the costume. Instead of a suit for a superhero, The Tick was wearing what looked to be a worn-out, pasty-looking costume.

Since that episode, Peter Serafinowicz got an upgrade for his super suit.


The suit sure looks like a huge improvement from the first suit that Serafinowicz had to wear. When Paul Warburton played as The Tick, his whole face was exposed. Both Warburton and Serafinowicz’s suits look the same, other than Serafinowicz’s face is covered. It begs to question why they didn’t just go with this idea in the first place. But the important thing is that they made a quick decision to replace that light-blue suit with a dark blue suit that Tick fans are a bit more familiar with.


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