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Uncle Ben is Most Likely Still Alive in the MCU

All signs point to Peter's dear old uncle alive and kicking somewhere out there in the MCU.

Doctor Strange Appears in new Avengers: Infinity War set Video

We are getting confirmation on some juicy characters for Avengers: Infinity War. Recently, a new video showed Benedict Cumberbatch shooting his scenes for the...

Here’s Our Spoiler-Free Doctor Strange Review

Like a lot of people, I was sceptical of Doctor Strange. Marvel has survived cryogenically-frozen super soldiers and thunder gods, but magic is a whole...

The reason The Ancient One in ‘Doctor Strange’ is not Asian actually makes sense

Dr. Strange writer voices decision behind casting Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One Dr. Strange writer C. Robert Cargill has finally given a reason for...

‘Doctor Strange’ Set For “Dark”, “Psychedelic” Look!

Director of Photography Ben Davis discusses the visual palette and context of the superhero film starring Benedict Cumberbatch! On August 4th at a BAFTA Masterclass...


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