T.J. Miller Doesn’t Think ‘Deadpool 3’ Should Happen and No One Cares – Possible 2022 Release Date

Despite his somewhat recent fall from grace, Deadpool actor T.J. Miller decides to weigh-in on his thoughts for the future of Deadpool, despite likely not being involved in it.

Late last week, T.J. Miller appeared on the Adam Carolla show, to apparently promote his hot sauce. Yes, you read that right. Anyway, during the interview, the topic of the Deadpool franchise came up, and of course, Miller had some choice words to say about the future of the franchise, particularly with Deadpool 3. Here is the full quote:

You know they don’t have — they are doing X-Force, so Deadpool the character and Cable, I think, and some of the other characters went in there in X-Force and there are just now so many characters in that world that there wasn’t really room for me to do X-Force. And so, because they’re doing X-Force, they haven’t decided if they want to do Deadpool 3. And to be honest, I almost would rather they didn’t. And here’s why.

The Hangover II was a lot of fun. The Hangover III felt like a cash grab. I think Deadpool 2, we knocked it out of the park. I really think it ended up being great, and I was worried about that. So what if Deadpool 3 is eh? Then you just kind of look at the whole thing and that’s the one [that ruins it]?

T.J. Miller has been a somewhat on again and off again topic in Hollywood over the last few years. The actor left Silicon Valley allegedly due to being difficult to work with and had ended up running into various legal trouble. This included a 2018 incident where Miller reported a fake bomb threat on an AmTrak where Miller had been drinking on the train and caused a major scene while heavily under the influence.

Because of these issues and other allegations involving Miller, his role in Deadpool 2 was allegedly severely trimmed down and word even got out that Miller would not be appearing in future Deadpool films [allegedly] due to the growing series of issues surrounding Miller. So, it makes sense that he would not want Deadpool 3 to move forward since it seems it would do so without him as his role Weasel.

Miller has very clearly had a rough go of things since the departure from Silicon Valley and we would guess that his negative thoughts toward Deadpool 3 (and or X-Force) largely stem from his unlikely return to the franchise. Although, it should be noted that since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, the future of a Deadpool franchise could go in one of many varying directions, albeit obviously without T.J. Miller.

Back in 2017, Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that Deadpool will maintain its R-rating in future movies and that the character will merge with the MCU appearing in those films going forward. However, the plan was that Deadpool 2 was to set up X-Force which would have served as a possible Deadpool 3, though we may end up getting both as two separate films with X-Force arriving in theaters first. Adding to this, Deadpool writer Rhett Reese stated that he was waiting on Marvel Studios to give him and his team the green light to move forward with Deadpool 3, something that may be announced very soon.

Currently, there has been no official announcement on Deadpool 3, but literally today rumors are starting to fly around that an announcement will come soon. Sources like We Got This Covered and Screen Geek are suggesting that not only will Deadpool 3 get an official announcement in the coming months with a release targetted for 2022, but also that some Avengers may appear in the movie as well (we hope Spider-Man and Thor with a bit of Hulk).

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has gone on record stating that Deadpool 3 is going to happen, and he has no doubts about it. So for now, all we have to do is sit back and wait. In the meantime, we can all just ignore T.J. Miller while he continues to dig himself a deeper grave while Hollywood grabs a shovel of their own in preparation to bury his career in it.



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