The Purge isn’t Over in ‘The Forever Purge’ Official Trailer

One night is not enough. #TheForeverPurge in theaters July 2.

The Purge franchise isn’t exactly what you would call “subtle” when it comes to delivering a message of reflection on the current state of affairs within the U.S. Each film sort of takes a jab at American ideals and political topics, and that includes The Forever Purge, which just got its official trailer:

As the fifth film within the Purge series, TFP aims to tackle the topic of immigration and presumably racism with its plot focusing on leaving America and going across Mexican borders for safety. This almost reads like a Black Mirror episode.

The Forever Purge is about a group of individuals in Texas of all places, where they have taken law into their own hands and decided that 12 hours, the length of the yearly purge event, is not enough. The group wants to extend that time period from half a day into, well, forever. Main characters Adela and Juan are the primary targets of this outlaw militia and must escape to Mexico for safety as they open their borders for six hours to save those who no longer wish to live under America’s absurd and unsafe laws.

You have to admit, a lot of this sort of reflects daily American struggles in real life, doesn’t it?

The Forever Purge comes to theaters this July 2nd.

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