The Flash Movie’s Newest Poster Teases the Batcave

Say what you will about Miller but this movie has us hyped big time.



Earlier this morning, the official The Flash movie social media account shared a teaser image of Ezra Miller’s The Flash standing inside Michael Keaton’s Batcave. The position of the image in the Tweet doesn’t show the whole image which includes Keaton’s Batwing. We provided the full image below the Tweet for your convenience.

Warner Bros | The Flash

After many delays and much controversy with leading man Ezra Miller, The Flash arrives in theaters this June 16th. And while many may be looking to boycott the film due to Miller’s indiscretions, the movie has been met with critical acclaim and the highest praise Warner Bros. has ever gotten from focus groups for a superhero movie. And that includes Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

As the new co-CEO of DC Studios, James Gunn has big plans for the future of the DC Universe (DCU), and a lot of that is dependent upon The Flash movie as it aims to reset some major aspects of this shared universe. And while that will certainly shake things up big time for the Justice League heroes, we wonder what that will look like for Ezra Miller’s career as Barry Allen/The Flash.

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