Dead by Daylight Spinoff ‘The Casting of Frank Stone’ Gets First Gameplay Trailer

The Casting of Frank Stone will play as an interactive narrative title, akin to Until Dawn.



Supermassive Games, the acclaimed developer behind Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures Anthology, has unveiled the first gameplay trailer for its highly anticipated narrative horror game, The Casting of Frank Stone. Set in the sinister universe of Dead By Daylight, the game promises an immersive experience unlike any other (but kind of looks like all the others, lol).

First announced at the prestigious 2023 Game Awards, The Casting of Frank Stone transports players to the chilling backdrop of Cedar Hills in the year 1980. A town haunted by the malevolent presence of Frank Stone, notorious for his reign of terror. The narrative centers around four friends embarking on a filmmaking venture within the confines of a decrepit steel mill ominously named Murder Mill.

Supermassive Games

Players will be thrust into a world of suspense and peril, tasked with navigating the treacherous landscape of their choices. Each decision made will influence the dynamic relationships and ultimate destinies of the characters. Quick-time events will introduce moments of intense adrenaline, where split-second choices can mean the difference between survival and demise.

As with Supermassive’s acclaimed titles such as The Quarry and The Dark Pictures Anthology, The Casting of Frank Stone offers a branching narrative, ensuring that each playthrough presents new twists and turns. In addition to decision-making, players will encounter environmental puzzles and uncover clues that delve deeper into the dark secrets of Cedar Hills.

While an official release date for The Casting of Frank Stone remains forthcoming, Supermassive Games has confirmed that the game is slated to launch later this year. Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms, anticipation is steadily building for what promises to be a spine-chilling journey into the heart of horror gaming.

For more information and updates, visit Supermassive Games’ official website.

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