Tekken 7 1st Guest Character Reveal is Geese Howard from Fatal Fury

EVO, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, is no stranger to giving fighting game fans some hype reveals and details about the top fighting games of the year.  Harada, the legend behind the Tekken series, made a tweet that caught everyone’s attention.  Some speculated details on Tekken X Street Fighter, while many were wondering who on earth would be the first guest character of Tekken 7. 

During the Tekken 7 tournament the Twitch chat exploded with talk about the first guest character before and after the reveal.  The team have done a fantastic job with Akuma in this game; so one can assume the guest characters are going to be carefully created.  After the conclusion of the Tekken 7 Grand Finals, Geese Howard was revealed as the first guest character for Tekken 7!  This news blew everyone’s mind.  HOLY CRAP MAN! 

Geese Howard is an iconic villain from SNK’s Fatal Fury.  Terry Bogard lost his father at the hands of Geese, making him Terry’s arch nemesis throughout SNK history.  Harada and his team have done a remarkable job recreating Geese for Tekken 7.  Geese’s personality was completely intact!  Throughout the trailer you will see many various quotes that relate to Geese, witness the iconic theme of Geese Howard, be bewildered by the beauty of the Geese Tower stage, and sense his thirst for power and dominance through his dialogue. 

Throughout the trailer you will see various quotes of dominance that portrays what Geese is all about.

The trailer opens up with Heihachi’s mediation getting interrupted by the voice of Geese Howard.  As Heihachi was searching for the body that was projecting the voice, Geese continued to taunt him with words of discouragement as if he was a nightmare in Heihachi’s dream.  After the brief dialogue, the cutscene transitions into gameplay in stylish fashion.  The amount of detail put into his model was perfect. 

A picture of the opening cut-scene in which the presence of Geese surprised and confused Heihachi.

His gameplay looks just as impressive as his stature.  Many of his strikes are identical to his SNK counterpart!  Geese’s special moves such as Reppuken, Double Reppuken, Raging Storm, and his ridiculous counters were properly executed!  Geese has the ability to maximize his combo potential by activating what looks to be Max mode, a mechanic from KOF 14, which temporarily allows you to cancel into EX special moves infinitely.  And to top it off his counter can stop anything; including rage arts!

This picture of gameplay shows what looks to be a new gameplay mechanic exclusively for Geese; which seems to resemble Max Mode from KOF 14.

HOLY CRAP THAT TRAILER WAS JUST FANTASTIC! Based on this trailer the other guest characters are definitely going to get the royal treatment; which makes me feel the next batch of guests are not going to be some lame knockoffs.  THIS IS DLC DONE RIGHT!  If you don’t have Tekken 7; then go get it; because the hype behind this game is just too real!



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