Super Baby 2 and SS4 Gogeta Confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

Not to be confused with Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 or Super Monkey Ball 2.



The DLC FighterZ Pass 3 for Dragon Ball FighterZ is ending with two (popular?) GT characters: Super Baby 2 and SS4 Gogeta.

Super Baby 2 is a transformation of the villain Baby, the main antagonist of the Baby Saga from Dragon Ball GT. In this form, the parasitic Baby takes control of Vegeta and powers up thanks to gathering energy from the people of earth, who are under Baby’s control (Baby is weird, GT is weird, you probably knew that).

In the reveal trailer above, we see Super Baby 2 use a couple of his most iconic techniques: a ki blast of pure negative energy called Revenge Death Ball and his transformation into a Golden Great Ape. It’s a more powerful form of the iconic Great Ape transformation, but can only be achieved if the user is a Super Saiyan.

Super Baby 2 is available as DLC for Dragon Ball FighterZ on January 15, 2021.

Although only teased, we also learned via the Super Baby 2 trailer that the fifth and final FighterZ Pass 3 character will be Super Saiyan 4 (SS4) Gogeta.

Arguably the most iconic transformation of Dragon Ball GT, SS4 Gogeta is the result of SS4 Goku and Vegeta performing the Fusion Dance during the final battle of the series against Omega Shenron.

SS4 Gogeta does not have a release date, but he will most likely release not long after Super Baby 2 in 2021.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Pass 3 DLC

SS4 Gogeta has long been suspected to be a DLC character for FighterZ, but Super Baby 2 is a surprise to say the least. Although he has an admittedly cool design (way cooler than other GT villains like Super Android 17), Baby is overall a forgettable DB villain, and if anything many anticipated the more popular Omega Shenron to round out the roster. We’re sure he’ll be at least fun to play as.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available on PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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