Dragon Ball GT Remake Announced, Coming 2019

The controversial anime sequel is being reworked with new and old foes.

The third Dragon Ball series is getting a second chance, as Toei Animation has revealed that Dragon Ball GT is going to be remade and will launch this coming year.

Just like the original series, the remake, tentatively titled Dragon Ball GTT, will take place after the events of Dragon Ball Z, but will now incorporate characters introduced in Dragon Ball Super.

A few other changes have been detailed as well. The series will again initially follow Goku, Pan, and Trunks on a quest for the Dragon Balls, but this time Goku will remain an adult and will receive a new Super Saiyan transformation called Super Saiyan Brown.

“We didn’t want to make Goku a kid again, that was dumb,” explains Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama. “So we decided to give him another Super Saiyan hair color. That’s a little less dumb.”

Concept art for Super Saiyan Brown Goku

Details on the villains to be featured in Dragon Ball GTT have been outlined as well. The series will feature the return of Cell, now in a new silver-colored form called Very-Perfect Cell, and a new angsty incarnation of Majin Buu called Teen Buu.

Additionally, due to the positive reception of the character’s return in Super, Android 17 will have a much more prominent role in Dragon Ball GTT, but he will still transform into the evil Super Android 17.

“I didn’t think we could do it, but Super 17 looks even stupider,” added Toriyama. “We gave him a mustache and skinny jeans.”

The new Super Android 17

Also, Trunks has blue hair. And two swords.

With exciting additions and changes, we’re really hyped to experience GT in a brand new way.

Dragon Ball GTT premieres in 2019.

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