SpiderHeck is a Hilarious Battle Royale Game Where All the Players are Spiders With Weapons

Spiders? Check. Destructible environments? Check. Laser swords? Check. Yeah, we can't wait for this one.

Have you ever imagined a spider wielding a lightsaber and slaughtering other spiders in a murderous battle royale? No, of course, you haven’t. But Neverjam is developing that into a game anyway and after you see it, we have a feeling you might want to play it.

On the surface, SpiderHeck looks like a bunch of spiders using weapons to try and massacre one another, and that is… pretty much it. But under the hood, there are a variety of weapons to choose from (not just laser swords), chaotic battles, and some impressive splat-physics along with destructible environments that alter the arena around you as you fight to the death.

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The weapons are detailed enough to offer diversity and chaotic gameplay, as shown above with the wild “power fist”, the handcannon-like device the spiders are blasting at one another. Then of course, if you happen to enjoy the laser sword, you can recall it almost like a Jedi using the Force.

Keep in mind that the spider you play as is not just a cosmetic gimmick, but actually has a purpose. Like those 8-legged demons do in real life, you will be able to crawl along each surface wall, whether it be the sides or upsidedown.

Neverjam is just a one-man dev team and there is not a ton of sources of information for the game out there outside of the Reddit and Twitter, though both receive frequent updates. There is also a Game Jolt profile for SpiderHeck but it seems far less active.

Clearly the spider in the top right will come out victorious. You know, since it has the high ground.

We have no idea where or when SpiderHeck will be released, but we assume PC is a safe bet. And until we know more about the future of the game, we will be following the Subreddit and Twitter with great interest. We advise you do the same.

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