Everything Revealed During Today’s ‘Silent Hill Transmission’ Announcement Event

At long last, Silent Hill is getting some new games.



After a long wait, fans of the Silent Hill franchise have a lot to look forward to after Konami took the spotlight to announce a handful of upcoming game and film projects centered on their flagship survival horror series.

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Having received a letter from his deceased wife, James heads to where they shared so many memories, in the hope of seeing her one more time: SILENT HILL. There, by the lake, he finds a woman eerily similar to her… “My name…is Maria,” the woman smiles. Her face, her voice… She’s just like her.

Experience a master-class in psychological survival horror―lauded as the best in the series―on the latest hardware with chilling visuals and visceral sounds.

Silent Hill 2 has never looked so good, and it should look incredible, considering the title is a PlayStation 5 and PC exclusive. However, the game will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 first, for a year, before arriving on other consoles and platforms. It seems Steam will launch at the same time as PS5, though.

The game will involve creature designer Masahiro Ito who has previously worked as an art director, monster designer, and other credits on most of the Silent Hill games. Akira Yamaoka, the music composer for many Silent Hill titles, will also return to once again oversee the music.

The Silent Hill 2 Remake will come exclusively to PS5 consoles and PC through Steam. The game is currently in development by the Bloober Team. You can also already add Silent Hill 2 to your Steam Wishlist:

Silent Hill Townfall

Another exciting new addition to the series is Silent Hill Townfall, a title that is currently being developed by NO CODE (Stories Untold, Observation) and published by Annapurna Interactive. Not much was shown on this game nor were any platforms announced or gameplay shown.

Creative director Jon McKellen of NO CODE discussed his passion and the impact it has had on NO CODE and added that while they do not have much to show on this, more will be revealed in 2023.

Silent Hill F

Silent Hill F is a brand new story set in Japan during the 1960s and is written by acclaimed murder mystery writer Ryūkishi Zero-Nana (Ryukishi07). While the teaser didn’t show much, it appears to be a source of the many leaked images we have seen in recent months.

The game is in development by NEOBARDS Entertainment but other than that, very little was revealed. We are not sure if there is any platform exclusivity here or when the game is scheduled to come out.

Silent Hill: Ascension (interactive streaming experience)

This one sounds very interesting…

Return to Silent Hill (film)

In addition to new games, a film titled ‘Return to Silent Hill’ is in the works under Christophe Gans, the writer and director of the 2006 Silent Hill movie. The story is set to involve a young man who makes his way back to Silent Hill only to find that the town has become full of nightmares.

While we are stoked to see Silent Hill 2 getting a remake, along with a few other exciting game and film projects, we are a little disappointed that the first Silent Hill game wasn’t remastered or remade in any way. Oh well, we should just be grateful for everything else in the pipeline, as there is much to be excited for as the franchise looks brighter than ever.

If you happened to have missed the Transmission event and all the announcements, you can check out the full video below courtesy of the official Silent Hill channel.

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