New Gears of War Will Not Be Coming to Xbox 360



Jack Felling from Black Tusk confirms on Twitter that the upcoming game is not going to be a cross-generation title.


[dropcap size=small]M[/dropcap]icrosoft’s new Gears of War will launch exclusively for Xbox One, an Xbox 360 version of the untitled project is not in development. This rules out the possibility that the new Gears game will be a cross-generation title. The idea of a cross-generation title is  becoming extremely rare, and that’s because mostly all the studios are shifting to develop exclusively for new consoles.


Microsoft bought the Gears of War franchise in January 2014, buying the series from creator Epic Games for an unknown amount. Microsoft put its new Black Tusk developers to work on a totally new Gears of War game.

This game is making “fantastic progress,” according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer. “The game is not a reboot, but aims to return to the games dark roots.”

The Gears of War franchise is one of the Xboxes leading series. There have been four titles so far: Gears of War (2006), Gear of War 2 (2008), Gears of War 3 (2011), and Gears of War Judgment (2013). All together, the games have sold more than 22 million copies and generated over $1 billion.

The new Gears of War game release date is expected to be announced this summer at E3.


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