Netflix Aiming to Ruin Gears Of War with a Live-Action Film, Presumably will Abandon Source Material

One right after another, Netflix won't stop until it ruins every major gaming franchise.



It’s hard to believe that it has been more than 15 years since Gears of War first debuted on Xbox 360 consoles. Since then, the franchise has amassed global popularity among games and spawned several sequels but surprisingly, no studio opted to make it a live-action film or series. Until now.

The official Netflix Twitter account shared the news earlier this week that they are partnering up with The Coalition to adapt Gears of War into a live-action feature film, with plans to follow that up with an “adult animated series” along with the potential for possible sequels.

The announcement has left fans of the franchise crying out against the idea considering Netflix’s recent debacle with The Witcher series, which was based on a series of books before becoming a critically acclaimed video game franchise. Considering how that all turned out, along with Netflix’s notorious habit of completely abandoning source material for their own creative visions that suck moose asshole 100% of the time, and not to mention the countless projects they abruptly abandon before completion, this will surely end up being a disaster.

We certainly don’t blame the fans, especially after what Netflix did to Cowboy Bebop, Resident Evil, and most recently, The Witcher. Those are only a few of the more high-profile projects they took on that ended up being a total and complete dumpster fire hated by pretty much everyone. At this point, we have to wonder just what the people in charge of choosing to work with Netflix are thinking. Because honestly, they are not the studio you want handling your anime or video game projects.

There isn’t much to report on casting and writers just yet but we assume that whoever Netflix chooses, they will likely be vehemently against following the source material in any beneficial way that would please fans. Because, and let’s be honest, Netflix’s motto certainly seems to be “fuck the fans”.

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