My Hero Academia Manga Vol. 32 to Release on October 4th, Pre-Order Now

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My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) fans do not have long to wait for the next manga volume. Coming everywhere manga is sold, MHA Vol.32 will arrive this October and see Midoriya square off against Lady Nagant. You can pre-order the upcoming volume now and while you wait for the days to fall off the calendar, you can catch a glimpse of the front and back cover below as well as the official plot synopsis for Vol.32.

Volume Summary

With society wavering on the verge of collapse in the wake of the recent chaos, Midoriya has left his school and friends behind in order to save whatever lives he can out on the streets and lure All For One into the open. But the mastermind villain has his own plans and sends villains for hire after Midoriya, including one familiar face. Chief among these hired guns is Lady Nagant—a fallen former hero who delivers plenty of bang for her buck.

If you want to, you can pre-order Vol.32 on Amazon by clicking here. We aren’t affiliated with Amazon nor do we get paid for you clicking on the link. We are just trying to be helpful. Otherwise, you can head over to and read their free samples or sign-up and unlock their digital vault program and gain access to 15,000+ chapters! They also sell manga and you can pre-order Vol.32 with them if you prefer. Again, we get no credit for any links you click, we are just trying to keep things convenient.

My Hero Academia Vol.32 will be everywhere manga is sold on October 4th.

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