Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg – Star Wars Battlefront Coming First to Xbox One?


Yesterday the lead of Microsoft’s games marketing team tweeted a fan confirming the game is on it’s way, and will arrive “first on the Xbox.


Reaching out to, Greenberg followed up on his Tweet to clarify what he meant by his comment:

I was referring to the fact that Xbox One is the only place you can play all new EA games before they launch, exclusively with EA Access.

With that in mind, it seems that the game will still come out at the same time as other platforms and that Greenberg simply meant that fans can play it first on Xbox. Very misleading, Mr Greenberg, but you are after all, in marketing. Clever.

Playstation declined EA Access in July, though that did not stop it from launching exclusively to Xbox One in August.

The untitled Star Wars Battlefront III (though that may be the title) is in development by DICE and is expected to launch toward the end of this year.


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