Los Angeles Comic Con: Cool Things That We Saw

The comic convention formerly known as Stan Lee’s Comic Con has officially dropped the cameo king and will henceforth be known as Los Angeles Comic Con.

LACC brought the pop-culture loving crowds of Los Angeles to the Los Angeles Convention Center and we were fortunate enough to be there right alongside them. While we only got to experience one day of the three-day event, we still managed to enjoy some floor time, admire some cosplay, watch some panels, and snag an autograph signing. You know, convention stuff.

Los Angeles Convention Center

Once inside of the convention center, visitors were immediately greeted by a large open area that was prime for meetups, cosplay photoshoots, and walking through people’s shots.

Here are a couple of cosplay standouts that caught our eye.

Once past the initial sensory overload of cosplayers, then comes the overload of the convention floor.

Most con-goers would probably agree with us saying that the layout of a convention floor can often be confusing with ultimately little to no organization. Luckily that wasn’t the case this year at Los Angeles Comic Con. Once we hit the floor it become immediately apparent that everything was organized by an assortment of genres like: Autograph Alley, Artist Alley, Toys Games and Collectibles, Anime, Comic Books and Publishers, Horror, and something called Witchsy. Overall a much easier way to hit up all the stuff that you’re truly passionate about.

Another really cool and unique feature of the convention floor at LACC is that in the dead center there is a stage that has hourly panels that take place. We were able to stand in on a quick panel with a few members of the cast of The 100 that included Isaiah Washington talking about his favorite moments while working on the current season.

Some of the cast of The CW’s The 100

Another thing that we had the pleasure of catching on the main stage was a live dance battle performance of the popular YouTube series Hood Naruto by King Vader. There was even an appearance from our beloved Goku at one point.

Along with the live performance, King Vader also shared some words with the crowd, stating that his inspirations are mainly King Bach (who Vader claims “is the GOAT”) and his fans. He also mentioned that he works hard for his videos with the goal always being to break the internet. And if that goal isn’t achieved he said he’d end the internet if he had to. Whatever that means. Either way, he looked like he was having fun.

Out of the plethora of actors and artists offering autographs and photo ops at the event, there was only one name on the list that we were determined to meet: Skottie Young.

If you aren’t familiar with his awesome personal style and countless variant comic book covers or his own comic book series I Hate Fairyland then do yourself a solid and get familiar because the man is a freakin’ legend.

Skottie Young variants

We didn’t snap a photo or anything with him, but we did get him to autograph a few of our comic books. Score!

No convention trip would be complete without trying to get an event exclusive Funko POP! This year Funko partnered with Hot Topic to release three Los Angeles Comic Con exclusive POP! figures: Chrome X-Force Colossus, Doctor Strange Ghost Rider, and Hot Topic Girl.

Of course by the time we got to the booth everything that we wanted was sold out. So it’s off to eBay we go!

Overall, it was a very successful and well-organized year at Los Angeles Comic Con and we already can’t wait until next year.

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