Jordan Peele’s Latest Horror Flick ‘Nope’ Stars Steven Yeun… and That’s Pretty Much All We Know So Far

Just what in the heck is this movie about?!



Jordan Peele is on a roll with his hit horror flicks. From Get Out to Us, there is no denying that the comedic actor has something unique to offer the genre of horror. Perhaps good things do come in threes?

Earlier today, Peele tweeted out the poster for his next horror film, Nope, which we knew would star Steven Yeun but has since also added Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer to the cast. Take a look at the poster below and we will tell you everything we know about this movie.

That’s literally it. The cast, the name, and the poster. That and it comes out in theaters next July. We have no idea about the plot and have only just found out that Barbie Ferreira, Brandon Perea, and Michael Wincott have joined the cast. We have no idea what the film will be about, we just know that it will be written, directed, and produced by Peele.

At first, I thought the poster of Nope was some reference to that news story about the boy stuck in the balloon or whatever, but looking more closely, clearly, that is a cloud with a streamer of flags coming out of it. If you look closely, it appears as though the cloud is floating above a meadow near some tents or buildings but we can’t quite tell. At second, we thought it was maybe a carnival but we don’t seem to be able to spot any rides out there. Perhaps there are many clues in the poster that we just can’t quite makeup just yet but let me tell ya, we are dying to find out.

Jordan Peele’s Nope is coming to theaters on July 22, 2022. Perhaps the 22-22 is a clue perhaps not. Peele really isn’t giving us much to go on and maybe he is planning on keeping it that way. When you have two grand slam homerun horror flicks back to back as he has, the marketing material might just be word of mouth about how we know so little.

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