Jessica Jones Showrunner Takes on Netflix’s Power Rangers

Will Netflix's Power Rangers universe hit the mark? Certainly can't hurt with Jenny Klein as showrunner.



Back in November, news broke that Netflix was looking at a large-scale shared universe with multiple shows both animated and live-action for the Power Rangers after they teamed up with Canadian multinational entertainment company Entertainment One which had acquired the Power Rangers IP in 2020 from Hasbro for a whopping $4 billion. And now, it looks like Netflix is tapping one of their own in Jenny Klein, the showrunner for the successful Marvel series Jessica Jones, to bring it to life.

The news, which came from Netflix’s Jonathan Entwistle (The End Of The F***ing World, I Am Not Okay With This), also outlines that the new Power Rangers show that he and Klein are working on together is “firmly part of the new Cinematic Universe“, though we aren’t sure what that means exactly.

Entwistle adds that while the show will be a part of a “new” Cinematic Universe which means we can firmly ignore and forget the tragic 2017 film and the abomination that were the suits and the Zords. Cast was great, though. Sad to see them replaced in a new Power Rangers project.

Also, Jenny’s Twitter @ is truly hilarious. Mad respect for cleverness.

While we now have a showrunner attached to the project, we still know next to nothing on what era this will follow (Mighty Morphin? Earlier? Later?) or just how many shows will be attached to this new universe. Regardless, we love the Power Rangers and can’t wait to see what Netflix brings to the table. Just know, it can’t be worse than Cowboy Bebop which means it will at least likely be better than the 2017 film (again, no disrespect to the cast).

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