Jeffrey Dean Morgan may return as Thomas Wayne/Batman in DC’s Flashpoint

DC's Flash movie with Ezra Miller features the Flashpoint storyline, which could include the return of JDM as Thomas Wayne.

For those that don’t know, the Flash is singlehandedly responsible for altering the timelines resulting in the New 52 comic reboot. You see, DC didn’t just start all their comics over again without a much more strategic approach. They wrote that into the canon (of course a lot has changed since then but that was the original idea and it worked out marvelously [Marvel pun not intended]). The actions of Barry Allen going back in time had a ripple effect that resulted in a lot of major changes in the timeline with Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and pretty much everyone.

Perhaps one of the more notable changes, was that the night Bruce Wayne’s parents, Martha and Thomas, were killed in the alley. Instead of his parents dying, Bruce was killed alternatively as a result of the Flashpoint Paradox. In turn, Batman still needed to exist, and Thomas Wayne took on the role of Gotham’s Dark Knight (with major changes, like using guns and killing villains left and right). Of course, this change also shifted in the Joker’s identity being placed onto that of Martha Wayne (I know, right?!).

Now that you have the above in mind, remember that Jeffrey Dean Morgan played Thomas Wayne in a brief sequence in the opening of Dawn of Justice. Well, he may return in the solo Flash film (which isn’t actually solo as the film is rumored to feature Cyborg too) as Batman due to the primary plotline taking major cues from the Flashpoint comic arc.

Relatively recently, Jeffrey Dean Morgan sat down with Jimmy Kimmel who asked a few questions that lead up to whether or not Morgan would appear again in the DCEU to which his response was one that would lead us to believe that there is at least some talk of that happening. Take a look for yourself below.

To cast Morgan in Dawn of Justice for such a small role (might as well call it a cameo) seems rather odd, although director Zack Snyder and JDM have worked together previously on films like Watchmen, for example. Still, we would have to assume there is a bigger plot or reason for this, or at least we would like to assume it. Either way, the probability too, is high enough to warrant keeping your eyes and ears open for more news leading up to an inevitable announcement soon. We just hope it happens.

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