Indie Game Spotlight: ‘Littlewood’ a Peaceful Crafting Sandbox RPG with a Lot of Heart and Endless Charm

The world has already been saved. Now it's time to rebuild your town, learn new hobbies, and forge lifelong friendships in this peaceful and relaxing RPG.



In a world that has already been saved, you get to kick back and take it easy in an RPG that offers peace and relaxation. In Littlewood, you can rebuild your town, develop life-long friendships, explore the environment around you, collect and harvest materials, and so much more in the world of Solemn.

Like so many other Indie titles, Littlewood started off on Kickstarter. Having received 3,952 backers with a total pledged $82,061, developer Sean Young of SmashGames brings to life a title that reminds me of a cross between Stardew Valley, Pokemon, (albeit without the Pokemon), and a visual style that has more charm than both, respectfully. The whimsical and peaceful townsfolk, structures, the art direction, and everything in-between all completely come together and make you feel right at home with a stress-free gaming experience. 

One thing I always like to experience while I research indie games is the sound and music within the game. Any game could be made or broken based on the atmosphere provided by the sound effects and music. I would even go so far as to point out that my Spotify playlist and vinyl collections are comprised of many, many soundtracks that offer a variety of music from countless video game titles. Littlewood is easily among the best of them. The sound direction of the game is so pleasing to the ear that it truly enhances the overall experience. I could easily listen to it for hours while doing other tasks besides playing the game itself.

An example of what you can build in your town, as posted by user jacktheBOSS on the /r/LittlewoodGame subreddit.

Littlewood Features:

  • Explore the vast world of Solemn. Enchanted Forests, Bustling Fishing Towns, & Dark Mining Caves are some of the few places to visit.
  • Meet Townsfolk and convince them to stay in your town. Perhaps meeting people will unlock your memories of the past…
  • Collect rare items and materials found across the world and bring them back to your town for selling and crafting!
  • Harvest materials by chopping wood, mining ores, catching bugs, and fishing in rivers and ponds!
  • Unlock new structures to build by meeting new Townsfolk. Want a Tavern or a Lumber Mill? How about a Fishing Hut or a Magical Library? Your town’s design is all up to you!
  • Fulfill your Townsfolk’s requests. Some may want to live on a higher elevation, others may want to be surrounded by trees and water. Fulfilling the requests of your Townsfolk will earn you their hearts and unlock new relationship paths.

There is a Subreddit that you can subscribe to here, as well as Sean Young’s YouTube that offers a collection of Littlewood-featured videos so you can stay up-to-date on everything Littlewood.

The game is currently available in its Alpha stage for $14.99 and is sitting at an overwhelmingly positive rating for those that have already pitched in. If there is one game you should try, we recommend Littlewood most of all.

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