Homelander of Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ is Doing a Reddit AMA

Witness firsthand as Homelander finally gets to tell his side of the story.



Tomorrow at 12:00 PM PST, Reddit users will get an unprecedented opportunity to interact with Homelander, the charismatic leader of The Seven and America’s most powerful superhero. The Ask Me Anything, or AMA for short, will be done from the perspective and in the style of the fictional hero as if Homelander himself were responding.

The AMA appears to attempt to take place within the fictional VCU (Vought Cinematic Universe) as Homelander will be addressing his “fans” after events near the end of The Boys’ third season. Vought’s official social media channels have expanded on this, as you can see below on their X (formerly Twitter) post.

In a promotional tag that has already stirred up significant buzz, Homelander announced, “With his sham of a trial complete and his gag order lifted, Homelander can FINALLY tell his side of the story. Join him for his first ever Reddit AMA tomorrow at noon PT where he can answer your questions directly, without his words being twisted by the lamestream media!” Additionally, the Reddit AMA, which is up now, is already full of numerous questions from Reddit users addressed to the Seven’s caped leader. Additionally, Homelander had this to say ahead of his anticipated appearance:

“Now that my “trial” is finally over, Ashley managed to clear an hour in my calendar to respond to some fan questions. The answers you’ll get here are direct from me, not Vought PR. No script, no filter, no corrupt media twisting my words. I have nothing to hide. So go ahead… ask me anything. I’ll begin answering 3 pm ET on Friday, June 14.”

For those who have followed “The Boys” TV show on Amazon Prime, Homelander’s complex character has always been a focal point. This AMA offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into his psyche, motivations, and future plans.

Mark your calendars and prepare your questions, because tomorrow at noon PT, Homelander is stepping out from the shadows of controversy to speak directly to the people. Whether you admire him as a hero or question his methods, this is your chance to engage with one of the most compelling and polarizing figures in the superhero world.

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