Dead Island 2 Officially Revealed – Check Out the Gameplay Trailer

"HELL-A is waiting to welcome you..."



Gamescom 2022 kicked off its opening night on Tuesday, covering a handful of really interesting titles. From Goat Simulator 3 to The Callisto Protocol, the annual expo held in Germany definitely showed a little something for everyone. But perhaps the biggest reveal was that of Dead Island 2, a game that many had thought had been canceled after so many years of silence (if it weren’t for recent leaks that appeared over the last week or so).

The trailer below is age-restricted due to its brutal gore and violence but we recommend you log into YouTube and check it out yourself because it looks insane.

HELL-A is waiting to welcome you, survive the infected – by any means necessary. Hack, punch, shoot and eviscerate your way through a gore-drenched Los Angeles, use your deadly force at will and earn your stripes as a zombie Slayer on February 3 2023.

If you aren’t able to login, you can check out some screenshots from user @Nibellion who managed to capture the trailer’s gory intensity perfectly. Still, the title “Dead Island 2” is a little odd if this takes place in Los Angeles since, you know, California isn’t an island. But whatever. Maybe there is an in-game explanation for that.

Dead Island 2 is coming February 3rd, 2023, to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store. You can pre-order on the official Dead Island website [here].

If you missed Opening Night Live, you can check out the full event on YouTube below, courtesy of TheGameAwards channel.


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