Utopian Action RPG ‘Atomic Heart’ Looks Absolutely Insane

In the Soviet Union of the future, in 1955, science reigns supreme.



Gamescom 2022 kicked off its opening night on Tuesday, covering a handful of really interesting titles. From Goat Simulator 3 to The Callisto Protocol, the annual expo held in Germany definitely showed a little something for everyone.

Now, just a couple of days later, we get a look into something truly spectacular- Atomic Heart. Out of nearly all of the games talked about up until now, this is one we are most excited about. Developed by Mundfish, Atomic Heart is one of those rare titles that has us foaming at the mouth at its sheer awesomeness.

Check out the insanely awesome trailer and see what we mean:

A system failure at Soviet Facility № 3826 leads machinery to rebel against the people. You are Major P-3, Private Agent, and your task is to minimize the consequences of this ‘systems failure’ and prevent the leakage of classified information.

To succeed, you’ll have to do your homework and study every deadly foe to avoid becoming their next victim, for secret experiments have led to the emergence of terrifying mutants, implacable machines, and bloodthirsty creatures.

Not only is that description super badass, but this game also looks incredible in every way imaginable. From the unique style of gameplay, the monsters, the abilities, and the graphics, Atomic Heart has absolutely everything we look for in a game.

In what Mundfish describes as “a close world action RPG”, Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate 1950s era within the Soviet Union. Robotics has advanced and now are rebelling against their human creators. But the dangers these mechanical creations pose are not the only threat. Dark experiments performed in secret have resulted in horrifying mutations that are out for blood. You will have to use every weapon, skill, and ability at your disposal if you are to survive.

Game Features

  • Gorgeous, hyper-realistic graphics in a retro-futuristic style created with the latest visual technologies
  • The mysterious alternate-world Soviet setting fully immerses you in the dystopian atmosphere
  • Unique combined combat system with elements of Souls-Like games:
  • Use two weapons simultaneously: a glove with multiple skills and various weapon sets,
  • Combine melee attacks and ranged weapons in combat,
  • Interact with the world around you during battle.
  • The weapon crafting and modification system allows you to apply a wide variety of upgrades and mods to your arsenal.
  • Secret military dungeons and labs filled with puzzles, traps, and other obstacles.
  • Dangerous enemies with varied behaviors, designs, and features that will put your skills to the test
  • A gripping story, strong characters, and an intriguing mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end

See what we are talking about? Atomic Heart looks absolutely incredible. And if you think so as well, you can head over to Mundfish.com to learn more or check out the game’s official Steam page and add it to your wishlist today.

Atomic Heart is scheduled to release some time in 2022 but no specific release has been provided. The game is planned for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC through Steam.

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