Frictional Games Announces ‘Amnesia: The Bunker’ in New Teaser Trailer

Keep the lights on at all costs, persevere, and make your way out alive.



Developer Frictional Games, the guys behind the acclaimed Amnesia franchise of first-person horror games, has announced the latest entry in their series in ‘Amnesia: The Bunker’. From what little we can tell in the 50-second announcement teaser trailer, it appears that players may take on the role of a soldier in a military bunker with a very bloody infirmary.

Take a look:

Left all alone in a desolate WW1 bunker with only one bullet remaining in the barrel, it’s up to you to face the oppressing terrors in the dark. Keep the lights on at all costs, persevere, and make your way out alive. A truly intense horror experience.

Immerse yourself in the multiple ways of tackling survival. In the shoes of the French soldier Henri Clément, you are armed with a revolver gun, a noisy dynamo flashlight, and other scarce supplies to scavenge and craft along the way. With randomization and unpredictable behavior, no play-through is the same.

Hunted by an ever-present threat reacting to your every move and sound, you must adapt your play style to face hell. Every decision will change the outcome of how the game responds. Actions bear consequences.

Frictional Games, the development team of the Penumbra franchise (Overture, Black Plague, and Requiem), as well as the Amnesia franchise and SOMA, says that more will be revealed in their fourth Amnesia title in the coming weeks over on their official YouTube channel.

Amnesia: The Bunker is scheduled to release on PS4, Xbox One and Series X|S, as well as PC via Steam in March of 2023.

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