Fortnite Teases What’s to come in ‘Fortnite MEGA’, Confirms Eren Yeager Skin

Please let there be giant Titans that eat players in the Attack on Titan collaboration...



In less than 24 hours, Fortnite’s next big update arrives in Chapter 4 Season 2 and there are a lot of really cool things being teased. Aside from the official confirmation that an Attack on Titan collaboration is coming (the Eren Yeager skin leaked as being a part of the upcoming Battle Pass), Epic Games has shown what appears to be an incredibly elaborate and new portion of the map with a Neo-Tokyo vibe to it. Take a look for yourself and see what is to come in ‘Fortnite MEGA’.

The entire new set piece for this map is breathtaking, to put it bluntly. The detail in this new CyberPunk-esque world looks great but it is obvious that Fortnite MEGA, whatever that means, is going for more of a cleaner, sleek, futuristic Japanese feel to it rather than the dreary Night City from CDPR’s CP2077. Plus, the music that accompanies the video is a poppy, eletronic Japanese song that will no doubt be stuck in your head for days just after a single viewing.

As we pointed out, the latest teasers also include Eren Yeager of Attack on Titan, who had been leaked several days ago as being part of the upcoming Battle Pass. Many were quick to claim the leak as BS but the joke’s on them, as it turns out to be a real thing indeed.

What we aren’t sure of at this time is whether Eren is the only AoT skin or not. We figure there is no way Epic Games would lock down a deal with Attack on Titan just for one skin so it’s fairly safe to assume we will see more at some point. But honestly, what we really want is to see massive Titans stomping around the map and eating players. Now that would truly be a sight to behold.

Fortnite MEGA and Chapter 4 Season 2 release tomorrow, Friday, March 10th.

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