The Final Fantasy VII Remake Just Got a Gorgeous New Teaser, Combat Looks Crisp and Fun

A new look at the Final Fantasy VII Remake, with more details coming June 2019, likely during E3 and PS' State of Play showcase.

Finally, after all these years, we get more details on the highly-anticipated FFVII Remake. Turns out, Sony and the PS team are teasing us with a promise that we will see more of the game and what it has to offer in June, likely during their ‘State of Play’ showcase during E3.

What we know about the game is that it is not simply a remaster, but instead the game is a whole new experience built from the ground up with gorgeous new visuals and chaotic new combat. Turn-based combat is out, and in its place is a much more free-form and fluid experience (think FFXV).

This is one title that fans have been anxious to get more details on, and could perhaps be the one thing that helps Sony and PS team steal this show a this years E3.

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