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At Geek Outpost, we are fans just like you, but we do this for fun. We share news and rumors and insight that we may receive from other industry professionals to keep you in-the-know as best we can. Right or wrong, our goal is to make sure you, the reader, stay updated and have a pulse on what is going on in the fandoms and genres of entertainment that interest you.

Whether it be movies, video games, anime, or binging a show on your preferred streaming service, we all share one thing in common- we are geeks. And we encourage you to let us know when we misunderstand or misinterpret the information we present to you, or even when we have a typo in the article. Just remember that like you, we are human and we make mistakes. We all have opinions and views and they may not always be aligned with one another. In fact, they may never be perfectly aligned, and that is okay. That is what creates the discussion. If we agreed on everything, there wouldn’t really be an opinion on anything.

Just remember that we all have jobs, hobbies, views, and opinions about many things and we may want to share some of that with you. Speak your mind, share your thoughts, call us out, but don’t forget that we all make mistakes.

The staff of Geek Outpost comes from all walks of life with different views, perspectives, and opinions. These views and opinions are our own and do not represent the views and opinions of our partners or employers. We are free thinkers, but we also take responsibility for our written word and presence made in a social media or journalistic environment.

Comment Guidelines

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These guidelines do not fully encompass all behavior that is unacceptable, so as a result, you post knowing that we reserve the right to remove comments or ban your account from posting or accessing comments at any time.

Geek Outpost reserves the right to suspend your access at any time for reasons that include, but are not necessarily limited to, your failure to abide by these guidelines.