Eternals Sequel Allegedly in Development with Chloe Zhao Returning, According to Patton Oswalt

You can bet the MCU police have a warrant out for Patton after that slip up.



Speaking to The Today Show, actor Patton Oswalt may have jumped the gun by claiming that Marvel had announced a sequel to the Eternals with Chloe Zhao coming back to direct. Curiously, no one at Marvel has claimed anything of the sort and any such sequel to Eternals has not been confirmed by literally anyone.

Patton goes on to say that he hopes to see his character, Pip the Troll, and Harry Styles’ character Starfox, brother of Thanos, return after their brief appearance in the post-credits scene of the first Eternals film. Take a look at the clip for yourself below, courtesy of Culture Crave:

Despite no official word yet on an Eternals sequel, we did report that Kevin Feige confirmed at SDCC last month that there are eight additional projects that have not been announced yet, taking place in Phase 6. Those eight projects, likely a mix of Disney+ streamables and theatrical releases, are being saved for announcements at the upcoming D23 Expo in September. And while a massive amount of announcements were made at SDCC, Feige knows better and planned to save some for later, which could possibly include an Eternals sequel.

While no such confirmation has been provided by any of the powers that could see an Eternal sequel happen, it is likely that it will happen eventually considering the scope that Marvel Studios plans to reach in the upcoming Phase 5 and Phase 6 MCU projects. And also considering the history that Patton’s character has with Adam Warlock, a character to debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it’s safe to assume that with or without an Eternals sequel, both Pip and Starfox will likely return.

Plus, you can’t just introduce Starfox, the brother to the mad titan Thanos, in a throwaway role like that, especially since rumors surrounding Harry Styles’ alleged five-film contract with Marvel Studios are starting to make the rounds. That contract is allegedly worth millions and unlike Warner Bros. and their disastrous DC Cinematic Universe, the MCU isn’t slowing down any time soon.

We have not made it any secret that we were disappointed with the first Eternals film, despite its star-studded cast and award-winning director and writer, Chloe Zhao. It just goes to show that just because you have all the right pieces, doesn’t mean you always know how to bring them together properly.

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