Emilio Estevez to Return as Gordon Bombay in Upcoming Disney+ Mighty Ducks Series

The Mighty Duck Man! Swear to God!

Emilio Estevez is set to return as the iconic Gordon Bombay in ten half-hour episodes exclusively on Disney+. His role will be no mere cameo, as he is allegedly set to appear in all ten episodes.

This new series, which is set to begin filming in Vancouver in March, follows a 13-year-old boy who is kicked off the Mighty Ducks junior team. Deciding to create a new team together, the boy and his mother search for new players to join them, as well as a coach and a place to play together, likely where Bombay comes in.

Director James Griffiths is set to direct all ten episodes and is likely to wrap later this summer. No word on whether or not any other additional cast members from the original film trilogy will return in cameo or larger roles. Although, we can safely rule out Goldberg.



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