A lot is happening in the world of Dragon Ball Z, and fans have proven their excitement will never wane for theatrical releases, manga adaptations, as well as video games.

Well, if you love DBZ fighting games, and you happen to have a Nintendo 3DS, you are in luck (unless you live outside of Japan, then maybe not so much), because a new game has just been announced for the Butoden series of games.

The Anime News Network reports that the newest edition to the Butoden line of games, which first debuted in 1993 on the NES (Famicom), will be titled Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden, a 2D follow-up to Ultimate Butoden which was released in 2011 as a Japanese-only exclusive.

DBZ Butoden

-Image translation credit to Steel Ball Jack from ShonenGamez.com

Extreme Butoden is set to feature over 100 playable characters with support roles going to NPCs like Bulma and Chi-Chi who aid the player in progression, or simply provide a laugh in the form of on-screen disruptions and cutscenes.

Now we are aware that this news does not necessarily pertain to those outside of Japan, and for that we feel where you are coming from. But keep in mind that as anime continuously grows in western culture, the likelihood that we will receive a version of some of the amazing Japan exclusives increases. J Stars Victory VS is a prime example of a game that was meant only to be released in Japan and not too soon after was it announced it would be coming to North America.

Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden will launch this Summer in Japan. There is currently no confirmation on a North American release.

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